Common cosmetic surgery procedures are those that are undertaken by surgeons on a frequent basis. Although popular in nature, they still involve a variety of advanced medical techniques, so it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong from time to time. That being said, it’s widely accepted that these types of procedures are safer than other more exclusive alternatives, but just how safe are they?

The role that anaesthetic can play in a medical procedure

Anaesthetic is commonly used as a sedative to numb and relax parts of the body when minor surgery is being undertaken, but it’s also commonly used for intrusive surgeries, where a patient will need to be put to sleep temporarily. The dose will vary from patient to patient and there are several factors that can increase the likelihood of needing this type of drug.

Age plays a major factor and this is why so many surgeons will be reluctant to operate on patients over the age of 50. At this age, the human body will have undergone a shift in chemical composition and its immunity and resilience may very well have decreased in the process, too. When this happens, the bodies’ natural ability to awake from the effects of anaesthetic will be lessened and in extreme instances, the results can be fatal.

What will a surgeon do to maximise safety and well-being?

If a surgeon has doubts that a patient may be able to recover from a procedure after being injected with anaesthetic, then they may simply opt to avoid the surgery altogether. In certain cases, especially those where weight may be the main cause for concern, the doctor will advise the patient to lose a pre-defined amount of fat and then come back for tests.

If all appears clear, then the surgeon may deem the surgery safe to proceed. If not - and if any concern remains present relating to weight, age, or other factors that can impact the success of the procedure; the safest thing to do is to cease all plans to move forward. A reputable surgeon will be more than happy to offer advice relating to these events however, so it’s well worth getting in touch with one to obtain further information.

A Few Things That All Patients Should Know About Modern Dentists

Visiting the dentist is something that many people will try to put off for as long as possible, but as intimidating as they can be – they are a necessary part of the medical field. In the past dentists would often be given a bad name and for good reason; they would frequently remove teeth without hesitation and as anaesthetics were still in development, many of their surgeries would be undertaken without any consideration for pain or recovery.

These days, even the most traditional of dental experts will be far more efficient at their roles than their predecessors and here’s a look at just how much things have changed over the years.

The introduction of anaesthetics

After years of research and development, anaesthetics have become one of the most commonly used chemical formulas within the medical industry – from local equivalents that can be used for minor surgeries, all the way to general alternatives that can put a person to sleep for hours. Modern dental practices rely on the local variant in most cases, and this is because of the mouth being such a small part of the human body. In the past surgeries would have relied on ice for numbing if a patient was lucky, but most would have had to put up with the pain without relief.

Advanced tools

With electronic tools at their disposal, modern dental experts are able to address even the most extensive of tooth and gum problems. In the old days, mechanical tools would have been used to file, break, or remove teeth and as you might imagine, this could be a very painful process for anyone to have to experience.

Aftercare services

If there’s one thing that a dental practitioner will be able to offer after a modern surgery, it’s an assortment of pain relief medication and gels. These types of aftercare treatments can all but eliminate even the most substantial of pain, which is a lot more than any patients undergoing surgery one hundred years ago could have expected.

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